China Plastic Recycling Webinar

There has been global pressure to reduce plastics waste and the resultant impact on the environment. Recent regulations relating to waste in China have affected domestic and global waste management economics.

SAI has been actively researching and analyzing the activities in the plastics circular economy globally, including China. SAI will hold a series of live webinars on the Chinese plastics recycling eco-system:

Chinese session: Thursday 16 July at 2pm-3pm China time

English session: Tuesday 21 July at 2pm-3pm China time

The webinar mainly covers:

  • Overview of Plastics Waste and Recycling
    • China share of plastic production, consumption and waste
    • Source of plastic waste by industrial sectors and type of plastics
    • Recent trends in recycling and its implications on various stakeholders
  • Impacts of ban on plastic waste import
    • Impact of China’s recent ban of plastic waste import to the industry
    • Implications to various stakeholders
  • Typical plastic recycling value chain
    • Overview of main plastic collection and recycling paths
    • Collection and recycling paths of major plastic types
  • Mechanical VS Chemical Recycling
    • Overview of mechanical and chemical recycling
    • Possibilities of using chemical recycling to reuse plastics that cannot be recycled mechanically
    • Challenges and potential for chemical recycling in China

Please email to register. You are welcomed to invite your friends and colleagues to join as well. If you are unable to attend at the two sessions, you are welcomed to email us for a play back of the webinar.