China Artificial Intelligence Market

SAI has comprehensively studied the China AI market with the following key takeaways:

  • China’s AI players now concentrate on the commercialization of AI
  • The core AI applications including AI algorithms, high-end chip, essential products and systems, basic materials, and software, are forecasted to experience a rapid growth of 10% from 2020 to 2030?
  • Internet, finance, security and transportation, and consumer electronics are the key segments of AI application while travel, retail, and high-tech show great potential
  • The huge amount of investment drives the development of AI healthcare industry in the recent years
    • The existing problems in healthcare system such as scarce medical resource and long waiting time, etc., together with Covid-19 stimulate the growth of AI in healthcare
    • Lack of consistent industry standard and lack of training under real medical cases are two of the problems that AI healthcare is facing
  • The existing problems in manufacturing industry such as increasing labor cost and high customization cost of products, etc., together with Covid-19 drive the development of AI manufacturing

SAI is well positioned to support clients in navigating business opportunities in the AI industry. SAI conducts authentic primary interviews with players along the value chain to provide fact-based insights that help clients to develop actionable investment strategies and to formulate effective marketing and sales activities. Key questions that SAI helps to answer are:

  • What are the AI opportunities or threats in my business?
  • How should I position AI within our business?
  • What are my competitors doing with AI?
  • How will AI help my customers?

SAI has developed a complimentary short executive briefing on the topic. For a copy of this document or to discuss how SAI may support your business, please contact us at  or call +65 6550 9827.