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Our team of professionals has worked on hundreds of projects over the last almost 40 years involving equipment, machinery, components, maintenance/repair services and related issues globally. In addition, SAI has analyzed all the major end-use markets served by the equipment/machinery industry. We have developed the knowledge base and expertise to help explore your growth opportunities, address domestic and international challenges, analyze acquisition and partnership strategies, and make critical management decisions moving forward in your traditional and emerging markets globally. Our team has the technical, business and international experience to help you succeed.

SAI has extensive experience in components and equipment. As a result of the firm’s project experience, SAI maintains a network of useful contacts worldwide



SAI’s client was interested in significantly increasing the sourcing of components and equipment from India and China to support an ambitious cost reduction program that it had undertaken.  Due to its unfamiliarity with India and China, the client wanted SAI to assist not only in identifying suitable manufacturers, but also to liaise with selected manufacturers on its behalf


SAI instituted a sourcing module which comprised three individuals with electrical and metallurgical qualifications and experience in component and equipment areas and initiated the module.  Next, twenty products were selected and SAI’s staff developed a list of potential manufacturers and evaluated each manufacturer in terms of specifications, turnover, growth, experience in exports, and so forth. Through this process, SAI shortlisted the 20 most suitable companies. Through personal interviews with key individuals in each shortlisted company, 12 of the most suitable companies were selected.  These companies were then requested to submit samples for evaluation after which SAI representatives commenced negotiations.  The negotiation process included gradual build up of volumes to be ordered beginning with a pilot order through to a full commercial order to long-term contracts


The client was able to outsource a significant portion of its business to 12 key component and equipment manufacturers in India and China and was also able to establish long-term relationships with these key suppliers.  This created an effective platform for the client to outsource up to US$25 million of its product business to these two countries and save US$ 1 million annually

SAI has worked with clients throughout the world on strategic issues on construction equipment, including:

  • Identification and assessment of market opportunities
  • Evaluation of competitive threats
  • Assessment of customers’ buying behavior
  • Analysis of key decision influences in the value chain
  • Identification and evaluation of acquisition and joint venture targets
  • Identification and evaluation of sources of low-cost raw materials and components
  • Changing regulatory policies and issues

As a result of this extensive experience, SAI maintains a network of useful contacts globally among OEMs, dealers, construction firms, contractors, component suppliers, MRO and other service organizations, government and regulatory agencies, and other key industry participants



SAI developed select competitive information about three Japanese producers of hydraulic and other drills used in surface and underground applications


For each competitor, SAI analyzed the products manufactured, sales revenues, financial performance, staffing and operational issues


With this information, SAI developed tactical and strategic approaches to enable its client to compete more effectively

SAI has conducted numerous studies that provide a firm understanding of the industrial machinery and equipment industry.



A global leader in power and automation technologies needed assistance to assess its competitor’s business operation, including:

  • Organization structure and employees
  • Financial performance
  • Product portfolio and key customers
  • Sales, marketing promotion and strategy
  • Manufacturing and service


SAI developed information and analysis through 225 interviews, which were distributed between the target company’s customers, competitors, distributors, equipment manufacturers and EPC. Data was also collected from secondary sources such as government agencies, associations and research institutes


SAI provided the following analysis of the target company:

PART I: Company overview, including:

  • The whole picture (Global and China)
  • Development history
  • 2011 organization change (before vs. after adjustment)
  • Financial performance (sales revenue by product, market performance)
  • China profile (business and JV companies, departments by function, major paths of idea flow, R&D center, strategic development)

PART II: Detailed analysis of 3 key sectors, with the following information for each sector:

  • Sector structure (divisions, BUs and JVs)
  • Business strategy
  • Market performance
  • Market/customer segmentation
  • Product portfolio, solution and service
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales/channels/partners
  • Marketing promotion
  • Manufacturing (R&D)
  • Export
  • Service


The study assessed the overall market for filters and coolants for diesel engines in Australia so that SAI’s client could develop a marketing strategy.  SAI’s study compared market sizes by type of filter and coolant and determined the performance of major competitors


SAI completed 84 interviews with competitors, distributors and customers of filters and coolants.  The market size was estimated by combining the comprehensive statistical data obtained during the study and the opinions of interview respondents


Based on this detailed market intelligence of products, trends and market performance of competitors, SAI’s client completed its marketing strategy

SAI has conducted numerous projects involving such laboratory products and services as:

Labware (glass, plastic)

  • Bottles
  • Pipets
  • Slides
  • Specimen containers
  • Tubing
  • Vials
  • Other

Commercial laboratory services

  • Cytology
  • Environmental
  • Histology
  • Life science
  • Microbiology
  • Toxicology
  • Other

Instruments and analytical equipment

  • Continuous analyzers for emission control
  • Diagnostic hardware and software
  • Humidity sensors
  • Laboratory balances
  • Liquid and gas chromatography
  • Accessories
  • Columns
  • Detectors and other equipment
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Rheology analyzers
  • Thermal analyzers

Chemicals and reagents



SAI assessed customers and competitors for rheology analyzers used in the polymer, paint, adhesives and food industries.  The objective of the study was to determine the types of materials evaluated, the types of measurements made, the value (purpose) of measurements made, the instruments currently used and customers’ perceptions of these instruments key measurement parameters, unmet needs, and select competitive information about current suppliers


SAI was able to identify the preferred instruments by industry and price point, to position the various existing suppliers by application versus price point, and to identify the most frequently cited unmet needs.  In addition, SAI developed strategies for its client to further penetrate this business



SAI analyzed three of its most significant competitors that produce high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments and supporting products in the US and Europe. The focus of the study was the manufacturing operations and cost positions of the competitors


To complete the study, SAI interviewed dozens of individuals within the target companies and their customers and competitors, and other knowledgeable industry sources


SAI benchmarked the manufacturing cost position of the three target competitors with its client

SAI has strong global experience in the mining industry overall and in mining equipment and machinery. As a result of this extensive experience, SAI maintains a network of useful contacts globally among OEMs, dealers, mining companies, contractors, component suppliers, MRO and other service organizations, government and regulatory agencies, and other key industry participant



SAI helped a multinational company define major end-use markets for heavy industrial equipment by providing a global study on pumps, compressors, ball/tube mill pulverizers, vertical spindle pulverizers and attrition mill pulverizers


SAI assessed the market for the aforementioned equipment and identified growth opportunities for supplying complimentary components to each application


The study resulted in providing applicable conclusions and recommendations, which allowed the client to tailor its approach to more successfully compete in the OE and aftermarket portion of the industry



A global manufacturer of equipment components and assemblies was seeking to understand potential demand for bearings in the mining industry of Indonesia

  • Develop a database of equipment assets owned and leased at each mine in Indonesia
  • Determine purchase drivers of equipment operators and their supply channels for bearings
  • Identify typical supply chain for sourcing bearings and services for mining equipment


SAI undertook interviews to identify current and future demands of bearings by interviewing 45 mining companies, contractors and equipment suppliers in Indonesia


SAI identified and evaluated size and structure of bearings demand by assessing equipment assets owned/leased, buying drivers and the procurement models of equipment operators

Recommended the most attractive opportunities for entry into the bearings market

SAI has extensive experience in smart systems or process automation. As a result of this project experience, SAI maintains a network of useful contacts worldwide



A client required a market assessment for its automation control systems solutions in Asia with specific objectives to:

  • Identify and understand requirements of leading OEMs of machinery in the market segments of food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, textiles, materials handling, packaging, printing, rubber and plastic
  • Identify buying behavior and customer value proposition of the leading OEMs


SAI developed the information and analysis by interviewing and analyzing over 150 companies in Asia. Each market segment was analyzed and assessed


SAI provided a detailed assessment of each market segment covering end-use market size, growth rate, etc

SAI analyzed customer requirements in each market segment. This enabled the client to tailor its offering for each market segment and also ultimately for each customer