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SAI Asia has operated in the Asia Pacific region for over 25 years. Our team consists of experienced consultants who understand local markets and global trends. SAI Asia has positioned itself as a leader in linking multinational businesses and local markets through relevant business intelligence and analysis. Clients value our ability to assist them in finding and acting on opportunities in Asia. We provide our clients with global technical and commercial expertise together with good local knowledge.
We have strong presence in major Asia Pacific countries and regions, including Greater China, Japan, Korea, India sub continent, Southeast Asia countries, Australia and New Zealand.
SAI Asia is wholly-owned by Strategic Analysis Inc (SAI), a leading international business intelligence and strategy consulting firm with operations in all major regions of the world. Since 1977, SAI has provided a powerful array of business research services to many of the world’s largest and most successful corporations as well as to financial institutions, trade associations and government agencies. SAI Asia delivers pragmatic actionable knowledge and insights to enable clients to make business decisions in complex and dynamic markets.