Engineering Plastics in Asia

May, 2015 by SAI

Global engineering plastics demand is expected to reach close to US$80 billion in 2018 and approximately 45% of the demand will be found in Asia Pacific. The growth in demand for engineering plastics is being driven by the need for lighter, stronger and more resistance materials in several market segments including automotive, transport, electronics and consumer goods. Other niche areas such as medical devices, wearable devices, advanced batteries and photovoltaics are also driving the growth for engineering plastics.

Players in the engineering plastics market are faced with a complex value chain consisting of multiple levels of business activity and decision-making. Despite the apparent attractiveness of high growth and good margins, the access to the market is multi-faceted. SAI’s considerable experience in engineering plastics globally and in Asia provides clients with key insights and optimal decision-making knowledge in the Asian Pacific engineering plastics value chain across key market segments. SAI has supported clients to map the value chains across several key market segments to enable clients to:

  • Identify key participants at each levels of the value chain
  • Determine access points to each level of the value chain
  • Identify key decision-making processes and specification influencers
  • Assess market dynamics and effects of regulatory changes on the market
  • Determine real opportunities

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