China during and post COVID-19

After 3 months of enduring the effects of COVID-19 the Chinese economy is poised for a rebound, initially driven by domestic demand, followed potentially by exports as the global economy recovers from COVID-19 as well. Most of SAI’s clients in China have indicated that “China is back, open for business”, however the demand and supply situations for products and services are far from any form of normalcy. This means that real time understanding of these balances is vital. This is where SAI can support your business. SAI, an international business consulting firm, is providing many of its clients specific services to help assess opportunities during and post-COVID-19 including:

  • Monitoring and assessing competitor short term activities
  • Assessing specific product market demand, supply and pricing dynamics
  • Identifying access to government subsidies or policies supporting specific sectors or products

In addition, SAI also offers a variety of business research services including:

Identification and analysis of acquisition targets
Benchmarking and analysis of competitors
Detailed analysis of market opportunitiesSupply chain analysis
Supply chain analysis
Evaluation of customer buying behavior
Identification of new business opportunities
Identification of low-cost sources of raw materials
Regulatory analysis

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